The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Ceasefire violations | Opposition factions target regime posts east of Idlib, while regime forces renew shelling posts in Jabal al-Zawiyah

SOHR activists in the “de-escalation zone” have monitored that the regime forces have fired rockets on areas in al-Barah, al-Futirah, Sufhoun, Fluifil, and Bannin in Jabal al-Zawiyah in southern Idlib countryside.

Early Saturday, the factions’ snipers also have targeted positions of the regime forces on the frontline of Saraqib in the eastern countryside of Idlib, killing a regime soldier.

Yesterday, Military forces stationed in Putin-Erdoghan areas continue trading the daily routine attacks. On Afes frontline in east Idlib, regime forces and its proxies on one side and the opposition factions on the other, have exchanged heavy machineguns strikes.

Also, on early Friday, regime forces bombarded areas in al-Barah, Sufhoun, al-Futirah and Fulifil in south Idlib countryside. But no casualties were reported.