The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Violations in Afrin | forcibly seized lands and houses of displaced persons by “Jaish al-Islam” and “settlement of status ” imposed by Malek Shah for ransoms

Aleppo governorate: SOHR activists have reported that Jaish al-Islam faction has seized by force of arms agricultural land, olive trees, and houses belonging to Afrin people forcibly displaced by “Olive branch” operation.
Furthermore, “Jaish al-Islam” militants have canceled hundreds of powers of attorney issued by local councils that authorized their owner to make decisions about the property of his forcibly displaced relatives. “Jaish al-Islam” faction has also seized their properties and has offered them to the families of its members by force of arms. This faction has canceled the powers of attorney on the pretext that their owners were supporters of “autonomous- administration.”

In the line of ongoing violations by Turkey-backed faction “National Army”, Malik Shah faction has issued a resolution called ” settlement of status ” for the residents in Koblek village in Sharan district. Under this new resolution, each person will pay ransoms for the faction. The ransoms for each person are paid according to the money and property he\ or she owned after ” settlement of status”.