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“Peace Spring” areas in October 2021 | Ongoing violations, growing Turkish military reinforcements and anti-Jihadists air strikes

Violations against human rights have been escalating in areas under the control of Turkish forces and their proxy factions in al-Hasakah and al-Raqqah, known as “Peace Spring” areas since they were captured in October 2019. These forces’ aim is to accomplish specific economic and political objectives through exploiting the region’s bounties, resources and people.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) has monitored and tracked all developments and violations committed in “Peace Spring” areas in October 2021.

In October, five people were killed in “Peace Spring” areas, and were as follows:

  • A leader in al-Mawali faction that is close to Turkey-backed Ahrar al-Sharqiyah and two of his aides were killed in drone attack near al-Edwanayiah village in west of Ras al-Ain city.
  • Leader of Ahrar al-Sharqiyah was killed in drone attack near Arbeed crossing in Selok village.
  • A member of Turkey-backed faction was killed by SDF in a shooting on the frontline of al-Sharqirak village in north al-Raqqah province.

Airstrikes and drone attacks


On October 22, SOHR activists reported that a former jihadist was killed in strikes by an unidentified drone near Arbid junction in Seluk countryside in “Peace Spring” areas, north of al-Raqqah province.

On October 25, SOHR activists reported that the man who was killed in air attack near al-Edwanyah village in western Ras al-Ain (Sere Kaneye) city in al-Hasakah city is called Sobahy al-Ibraheem al-Moslah whose is known by AbouHamzah al-Shaheel.

The murdered leader wasone of al-Nusrah front founders that was formerly affiliated to al-Qaeda group in DeirEzzor. Al-Shaheel, latter, and pledged loyalty to ISIS and worked in trading arms.

SOHR sources added that al-Shaheel was killed with two of his companionsby two missiles from a drone that is likely belonging to the International Coalition. He was working in ranks of al-Mawali faction that is close to the Turkish-backed Ahrar al-Sharqiyah group.

Ongoing violations continue in Peace Spring areas


On October 1, SOHR activists reported that militiamen of Suqur al-Sunna of the 20th Division beat a woman in al-Udwaneya village while she was resistingthe arrest of her husband by Turkish-backed militiamen.


On the other hand, dignitaries of the region met with militiamen of the factions to ease the dispute and demand release of the detained man.


Meanwhile, members of a security group affiliated to Suqur al-Shamal faction assaulted a tribe’s dignitary in al-Badae’ village in Ras al-Ain in al-Hasakah countryside after he tried to confront them.


According to SOHR sources, the faction’s members frequentlyhave been visiting this village, and demanding the inhabitants to pay levies and to hand over personal weapons as a part of the factionsongoing violations in the region.


On October 12, SOHR activists reported that members of al-Hamza Division stormed a house in al-Bezez alley in Ras al-Ain (Sere Kanyie) in the “Peace Spring” areas in al-Hasakah countryside, to confiscate the house claiming that it was owned by a man who worked previously with the Autonomous Administration”. Al-Hamza Division’s members demanded the inhabitants to evacuate the house immediately.


On October 15, SOHR activists reported that the Military Police, al-Hamza and al-Sultan Murad Divisions escorted by military vehicles stormed “Luzy” village in the south-east of Ras al-Ain (Sere Kaniye) in the “Peace Spring” areas in al-Hasakah countryside.


Local sources confirmed that the raid took place after Turkish-backed factions surrounded the village, blocked the leading roads, and prevented residents from leaving their houses.


The sources reported that the factions’ members broke into the civilians’ houses and verbally insulted women who expressed their rejection for the barbaric practices of the militiamen. Also, two women and a man were arrested and their mobiles were confiscated on charges of “communication with SDF”.


On October 21, militiamen belonging to the Turkey-backed al-Hamzah division stormedal-Amiryahvillage that is affiliated to al-Manageertown in Tal Mur countryside near the M4 international Road. Members of the faction searched several houses in the village and violated the privacy of the inhabitants.


The faction brings in five armoured vehicles loaded with heavy machineguns during the raid on pretext of searching for wanted suspects, but it did not arrest anyone. It is worth noting that the area was abandoned by men and adults while only women remained.


The village is stationed within the area of the Spring Peace that has been experiencing a state of chaos and violations of the human rights by the controlling factions.


Factional tensions and clashes



On October 2, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights activists monitored a high security alert of the military police in Ras al-Ain City (Sari Kaniye) under control of “Spring of Peace” areas in al-Hasakah countryside, after an armed group affiliated to the Turkish-backed faction King Shah attacked the military police elements with RPGs projectileson  Tal Halaf checkpoint near the city in response to arresting the group leader and another member at the Military Police checkpoint on charges of human trafficking.


Accelerated Turkish and its proxies reinforcements amid reportedly military operation against SDF in north Syria


On October 22, Turkish forces brought in military reinforcements including tanks, artilleries, heavy weapons and logistics to Tal Abyad countryside in north al-Raqqah countryside.


On October 27 and 28, two reinforcements composed of heavy weapons, tanks, armoured vehicles and logistics entered Tal Abyad border city with Turkey within the Peace Spring areas in north al-Raqqah.


On October 29, SOHR activists reported that some groups affiliated to Turkey-backed factions were leaving HewarKals crossing on northeast Aleppo towards the Turkish lands and headed to the Peace Spring areas in the countryside of al-Raqqa and al-Hasakah.


According to SOHR, members of factions affiliated to al-Hamzah Division, al-Rahman Crops, Sultan Murad, Ahrar al-Sharqiyah, Jish al-Sharqiyah, SulimanSha and the 9th Division beside other formations of Turkey-backed National Army arrived a day earlier  to Tal Abyad at the border with Turkey in north al-Raqqa after crossing the Turkish lands coming from Euphrates Shield areas in Aleppo countryside.


The conditions have been deteriorating in the Peace Spring area as long as the corruption and tyranny by Ankara-backed factions continue without deterrence to prevent the humanitarian crimes against the Syrian Civilians. SOHR renews its calls for the international society for protecting the civilians in those areas from the systematic practices of the factions that are represented in the robberies, murders, arrests and kidnapping.

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