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Assassination of refugees| Iraqi killed in Al-Hawl mini-state

Al-Hasakah province: An Iraqi refugee was shot dead in the first department of Al-Hawl camp in al-Hasakah countryside.

It is worth noting that the number of murders committed in al-Hawl camp since the end of the first phase of the large-scale security campaign has reached 35, which indicates to alarming escalation of killings in the camp.

Accordingly, the number of murders documented by SOHR in al-Hawl camp since the beginning of 2021 has risen to 74 murders, 13 in January, ten in February, 17 in March, one in April, six in May, six in June, six in July, eight in August, three in September and two in November. These murders have left 78 people dead, and the breakdown of fatalities in the past seven months was as follows:

• Two members of the Internal Security Forces (Asayish).

• 60 Iraqi refugees, including three children and 17 women.

• 18 Syrian people, including two children, five woman and the head of the “Syrian Council” in the camp.

• A gunman of a cell responsible for assassinations and murders in the camp, who was killed when he blew himself up with a grenade just after he had been caught by an Asayish patrol which was pursuing him.

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