Turkish lirafreefall against US dollar produces more living sufferings for people in northeast Syria while Salvation Government irresponsibly market its commodities • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Turkish lirafreefall against US dollar produces more living sufferings for people in northeast Syria while Salvation Government irresponsibly market its commodities

Value of the Turkish lira has been declining against the US dollar and sufferings of the people in north Syria have been worsening. The Turkish lira freefall causes hike of the consuming commodities and negatively impactes the living situation of the people.

On November 17, the Salvation Front in Idlibissued, on its official Facebook page, a decision to reduce the weight of five-loafbag of bread to 450 grams from 575 grams and sold it with same old price of 2.5 TL.

The decision caused popular uproar because bread is an indispensible essential commodity unlike animal protein and vegetables.

Price volatility of bread bag in Idlib bourse has been continuing during November according to an inhabitant in the city while the Salvation Government works on marketing that basic commodity with reducing the weight and fixing the price so the people wouldn’t notice the change.

In his testimony to SOHR sources, a man known by his initials as “A.M.” who was deported from north Hama and lives in one of the makeshift camps in Deir Hassan countryside in north Idlib countryside, said that “since early 2021, a bag of bread used to weight about one kg, and the weight has been reducing on the pretext of fuel prices hike and Turkish lira plunge, until each bag reached recently only 450 grams.”

“A.M.” added he was buying every day two bags of bread for his four-member family. But, now he is forced to bury three bags because the weight and number of loaves declined to five from seven in the past.

He explained that one bag of bread is not sufficient for a meal to a small family.  However, the prices remained with the same value of two and half Turkish lira while the Salvation Government only works on advertising its products without paying attention the people sufferings.

“A.M.” expressed discontent over the deteriorating current situation in Idlib regions because of the freefall of the Turkish Lira against the US dollars and the control and decisions imposed by both Haya’tTahrir al-Sham and the Salvation Government that added to the sufferings of the people, the displaced ones in particular.

Meanwhile, a displaced female known by her initials as “A.Sh.”, told SOHR activists that she was surprised at the new weight and number of loaves when she bought a bag of bread from one the hawkers in a makeshift camp as usual every day.

“One bag of bread after reduction of weight is no longer enough for two persons for one meal,” she said.

“A.SH.” added that bad weather in the winter and the increasing prices of the flour and the firewood hinder her wishes to build an oven for baking bread.

“Some families could live without beef and some kinds of vegetables but bread remains an essential for them,” said the lady adding that state of rage is noticed among the people when buying bread now.

She also believes the quantity of wheat is manipulated that could be easily observed of the bread colour and taste.

Many people in the north of Syria, especially in Idlib regions and countryside, believe that the objective of depending on the Turkish Lira instead of the Syrian currency has not brought it fruits. On the contrary, relying  on the Turkish lira has negatively impacting the people daily living conditions as the prices were doubled compared to the time before using that currency.

According to the latest update of the Turkish lira exchange rate against the US dollar, one dollar equal 11.20 TL.

Meanwhile, prices of fuel based on the latest published bulletin of Watad Oil Company that controls the fuel in Idlib, are 9.83 TL for a litre of diesel and 9.14 TL for a litre of gasoline.

It is worth noting that the Salvation Government, the current executive wing of Hay’atTahrir al-Sham-controlled areas, has been imposing taxes on all licenced bakeries in Idlib regions and its countryside and also sets the loaves prices and specifications.

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