Searching for suspects | Regime checkpoints at entrances of Daraa city impose strict security measures • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Searching for suspects | Regime checkpoints at entrances of Daraa city impose strict security measures

Daraa province: SOHR sources have reported that regime soldiers stationed at security checkpoints at the entrances of Daraa city in south Syria region have imposed strict security measures on the cars entering the city and checked the resident’s IDs carefully, searching for suspects.


According to SOHR sources, the checkpoint of the military security branch, the major checkpoint at the western entrance of Daraa city, have checked the criminal record of everyone entering Daraa city.


On November 27, SOHR activists reported that the regime forces stormed Bedouin tents eastern of Jassim city on the road between Jassim and Al-Faqie’ in Al-Sareya region of Daraa countryside, and arrested a civilian before releasing him hours later, where the dignitaries of Jassim city interfered to release him.


It is worth noting that one military official demanded Bedouin families to leave the region, in case they refuse to handover the camp’s youth, while dignitaries mediated to prevent evacuation of families.


On the other hand, the regime forces launched inspection campaign in the camps, supported by four armored vehicles and other personnel carrying vehicles.


A day earlier, SOHR activists reported that regime forces stormed tents stationed on the outskirts of west Al-Ghariya town in east Daraa countryside and arrested several Bedouins and grabbed them to an unidentified place. However, reasons behind the arrest remained unknown.


On November 20, sources reported that regime forces services stormed tents near Kharbet Gazalah town along the road to Da’l city in the central countryside of Daraa province. The forces killed a young man and arrested two persons including his brother. It is worth noting that those camps host displaced people who belong to tribes in al-Suwidaa countryside.

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