“We do not want occupiers” | Residents expel Russian patrol in rural Al-Suwaidaa • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

“We do not want occupiers” | Residents expel Russian patrol in rural Al-Suwaidaa

Al-Suwaidaa province: SOHR sources have reported that a group of the residents of Al-Mazra’a town in Al-Suwaidaa countryside have expelled a Russian patrol from their town. The Russian patrol, which was escorted by a patrol of the military security service, had headed to the preparatory school in the town in order to distribute assistances to the students, but the residents expelled them while chanting slogans describing Russia as “an occupying power”.


Before heading to Al-Mazra’a, the Russian forces had distributed some food baskets to residents in Shabaa city.


On November 24, SOHR sources reported that violent clashes erupted between the “internal security forces” and gunmen, in al-Suwaydaa city last night and lasted for hours. These clashes coincided with sound of sporadic explosions. However, no casualties were reported.


The violent clashes, between families of the dead young men and gunmen on one side and members of the Internal Security Forces in front of the hospitals in the city erupted when two young men were shot dead by unidentified gunmen on the road of Dahr al-Jabal east of al-Suwaydaa city.


This situation ignited after arresting some people of the families side by the regime members and bringing in reinforcements from the villages and towns of al-Suwayda, attacking security posts, chief among them is the provincial building and police headquarters by the gunmen, according to SOHR activists.


SOHR activists added that the cautious calm has prevailed al-Suwaydaa city after the regime released the detainees and the gunmen withdrew.

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