Three months after successful reconciliation in Daraa | Attack on regime post and attempted murder and kidnap • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Three months after successful reconciliation in Daraa | Attack on regime post and attempted murder and kidnap

Three months over successful reconciliation in Daraa | Attack on regime post and attempted murder and kidnap

Daraa province: SOHR activists have reported that a police station of the regime in Al-Abasiyyah neighbourhood was attacked by unknown gunmen in the first offensive on Daraa Al-Balad districts after more than three months of ending the military escalation via implementing cease-fire and striking reconciliation deals with the wanted suspects under Russian mediation.

The attack took place after unknown persons threw grenade on the building and escaped the scene while other unknown gunmen have intercepted and shot a car carrying two former fighters in ranks of the opposition factions who struck reconciliation. The attack left one person wounded and another was kidnapped to unknown destination.

On October 26, SOHR reported that regime forces concluded the new settlement in Daraa province after nearly 50 days of enforcing the new deal, under Russian mediation, between the security committee of the regime and dignitaries and elders of Daraa province.

The regime forces entered in this period nearly 55 cities, villages and towns and areas in the province for applying the deal, where nearly 6,200 settlements concluded with deserters of army service and those wanted by the security service starting from Daraa al-Balad until passing by the western and central areas and reaching the north and east countryside of the province.

The security regime service received 950 personal weapons while the regime forces stormed a centre for receiving those who desire striking settlement later in the police station in Daraa al-Balad.

According to SOHR, the areas that have run to settlement are Daraa al-Bakad, Tafs, Tal Shehab, al-A’gamy, Nahg, al-Yadoudah, al-Mazareeb, Masaken, Jaleen, Zizoun, Taseel in west Daraa countryside, villages and towns of Jaleen, Jomlah, al-Shagrah, Ma’ariyah, Abdeen, Kouya, Bayet Arah, Naf’ah, al-Shabrouq, al-Masriytiyah, Ain Zaker, Shame al-Golan and other areas in al-Yarmouq basin in west Daraa countryside, Da’al in central, Ankhal, Nawi, Jasem, al-Sanameen in north Daraa countryside, Naseeb, Nahatah, Om al-Mayzeen, al-Na’em, al-Musifirah, al-Tayebah, Syda, east al-Karak, al-Harak, al-Sahwah, east and west al-Ghariyah, Kharbah Ghazalah, Narmer, al-Moskyat, al-Giza, Alma, al-Sourah in east Daraa countryside, al-Sheikh Maskeen, Ezra’a, al-Harah, Namer in north Daraa, areas of al-Lugaha in northeast Daraa countryside.

SOHR referred to the death of twenty during the period of applying the new deal as the following: 14 civilians including a child and some have been former fighter in ranks of the actions and then became civilians after striking former settlement, six members of the regime forces and the 5th Crops supported by Russia who were killed with different methods in different areas in Daraa.

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