Aleppo | Teachers protest their low salaries and insulting them as traitors outside faculty of education • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Aleppo | Teachers protest their low salaries and insulting them as traitors outside faculty of education

Aleppo province: SOHR activists have monitored that dozens of teachers have staged protest in front of the faculty of education in Al-Bab city, which is under the control of Turkish forces and National Army factions, east of Aleppo, to demand an increase in their monthly salaries and to express their anger at being insulted and accused of being agents for the Syrian regime by a member of local councils in Euphrates Shield region.

Yesterday, SOHR activists reported that a member of the local Akhtareen council, Mohamed Hussein, threatened in audio record males and female teachers who called for a strike on Wednesday and Thursday.

Hussein described the teachers as a “popular committee loyal to the regime” and accused them of attempting to close the schools and head to the regime-backed areas in coordination with the regime forces and threatened the teachers with verbal insults.

This comes after teachers in the areas under the control of Euphrates Shield and Olive Branch called for suspending school days on Wednesday and Thursday to ask for wages increase amid the unprecedented decline of the Turkish Lira which negatively impacted their living conditions and their ability to secure the daily essentials.

The teachers called the Syrian temporary government to respond to their demands in areas under the control of the Turkish factions and their proxies in the north and east Aleppo countryside.

They also threatened to escalate and increase days of strike in the coming weeks that could reach an open strike until their “legitimate demands” are met, adding in any case of any abuse, the Syndicate of Teachers will take anti-escalating steps.

It is worth noting that the areas under the control of the Turkish and the National Army factions in Aleppo countryside experienced severe discontent strikes among the teachers in some schools due to the declining wages that do not suit the worsening living conditions.

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