High prices of feed and drought | Animal farming in NE Syria is hard hit • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

High prices of feed and drought | Animal farming in NE Syria is hard hit

SOHR activists have documented a decrease in livestock prices with an increase in fodder costs, meanwhile shepherds face difficulties in finding medicine and veterinary care while some diseases, such as Foot-and-mouth(FMD) are spreading among lambs.

Al-Haj Abu Ahmed of a 42 year-old man works in livestock trading in Deir Azzor, he told SOHR about his business loss after one Kilo of barley reached over 1,600 Syrian Liras while price of straw reached 900 Syrian liras, and the price of bran reached 1,150 Syrian Liras for one kilo, resulted the decrease in prices of livestock.

As for Abu Khalid, a 35 year-old man who works in raising livestock as well, he told SOHR that the poor rains reduced grazing areas for sheep to feed on, causing an increase in prices of fodder in return.
It is worth noting that the livestock marke is witnessing a kind of recession due to lack of business activity.
According to one of Deir Ezzor market’s prices, one goat reached at 200,000-400,000 Syrian Liras, while the price of a “live” sheep of 50 kilograms reached at 7,000 Syrian Liras per kilogram.

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