Rif Dimashq | Regime checkpoints keep repressing civilians  • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Rif Dimashq | Regime checkpoints keep repressing civilians 

Rif Dimashq Province: SOHR activists have reported that the regime’s security services continue clamping down on civilians in Qudsaya and Al-Hamma in Rif Dimashq for more than two week by sitting up checkpoints on main and side streets and patrolling residential neighbourhoods. In addition, security services have checked the identities of people crossing through these checkpoints.

According to SOHR activists, the regime’s security services during the last two days arrested three young men, after storming their homes and released them a few hours later.

On November 23, SOHR documented that the regime security services were mobilizing their forces for two days in the Qudsaya and Al-Hama in Damascus countryside,
by sitting up security checkpoints on the main and secondary roads, and checking the movement of bystanders,
in conjunction with Conducting security patrols between residential neighbourhoods for unknown reasons.

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