The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

De-escalation areas | Regime forces renew bombardment on Idlib and Aleppo countryside


SOHR activists, in the de-escalation areas, have reported renewing ground attack by the regime forces on Idlib and Aleppo countryside via bombarding with artillery fire areas near to Kafr Nouran in west Aleppo countryside, Fulifil, Al-Futirah, Banin in Jabal Al-Zawiyah in south Idlib countryside amid flying of scouting drones on south Idlib countryside. However, no casualties have been reported yet.

Yesterday, Putin-Erdoghan areas especially Jabal Al-Zawiyah, Sahl Al-Ghab and Jabal Al-Akrad, witnessed intensive and continuous Russian scouting drones flying over the region. Meanwhile, regime forces bombarded rockets on Sufhom, Al-Barah, Al-Futirah, and Fuliful neighbourhoods in south Idlib.

On the other hand, regime forces and its proxies and Al-Fatah Al-Mubeen operation room traded attacks by heavy machineguns at Al-Mashare’ Frontlines in Sahl Al-Ghab. No casualties were reported.