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Turkish-backed factions’ violations | Afrin fertile land turned into barren areas

Aleppo Province: SOHR activists have reported that the “National Army” factions continued to cut down thousands of bushes and fruit-bearing trees in “Olive Branch” area. In this context, SOHR sources reported that Sultan Murad faction felled hundreds of olive trees in Maydanki village in Sharran district. The trees, which were felled at night to be sold as logs used for heating, belonged to four civilians from the village.

Also, Jaysh Al-Nukhba cut down 50 olive trees owned by a civilian known by his initials as (A.A) in the same village.

Meanwhile, Members of Ahrar Al-Sharqiya faction have cut down hundreds of trees in the area between Hammam and Marwaniyah in Jendires district on the Syria-Turkey border, as well as cutting down 40 olive trees in Qarah Tabeh town in Sharran district.

Al-Hamza Corps also cut down hundreds of forest trees in Maska and Tatara towns in Jendires district in order to sell them as logs.

Moreover, Jaysh Al-Islam faction cut down about 30 olive trees in Teranda village in Afrin countryside in presence of the owner of the land who was not able to stop them.

On the other hand, Al-Jabha Al-Shamiya faction cut down 75 olive trees owned by a man from Ain Al-Hajar village in Ma’batli district under the pretext that the “olive trees belonged to a man affiliated with the Autonomous Administration”. In addition, the faction cut down 75 olive trees in Aster village in Afrin countryside owned by a displaced man.

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