Clashing with smugglers | SDF confiscates 500 diesel barrels en route to Regime areas • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Clashing with smugglers | SDF confiscates 500 diesel barrels en route to Regime areas

Deir Ezzor province: SOHR activists have reported that SDF forces have confiscated nearly 500 diesel barrels which were being smuggled from SDF-held areas to regime areas through Euphrates River.

According to sources, clashes erupted between SDF and a group of smugglers in Al-Junainiyah village adjacent to regime-held areas on the opposite bank of Euphrates River, however no casualties were reported.

On November 29, SOHR activists monitored SDF’s military reinforcement composed of thirty armored vehicles headed to villages in Deir Ezzor. The new campaign was distributed on Jadeed, al-Dahlah and al-Soubha villages in east Deir Ezzor ahead of storming the river crossing between SDF and Syrian regime-controlled areas.
Seeing the reinforcement came along with intensive flying of International Coalition helicopter over the region. Meanwhile, six persons from Jadeed Okydat town were arrested during the ongoing security campaign.
On the other hand, unknown militants who are likely ISIS’s members attacked military post affiliated to SDF in al-Busirah city in east Deir Ezzor countryside causing injuries in ranks of SDF.
On Nov. 27, SDF patrol SOHR activists reported that an SDF patrol raided Euphrates river bank in Deir Ezzor countryside and set fire to an oil tanker which was to be smuggled from SDF-held areas to the Euphrates river’s opposite bank, which is under the regime’s control, near al-Husseya school in Al-Shaheel city eastern of Deir Ezzor.
It is worth noting that SDF security campaigns on Euphrates river which separates different areas of control aim to put an end to the ongoing smuggling operations to regime-held areas.

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