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Darya city | Lebanese “Hezbollah” and groups of Iraqi Al-Najbaa seize new homes

Rif Dimashq province: SOHR sources reported that groups affiliated to “Al-Nujabaa” Iraqi Movement and others affiliated to the Lebanese “Hezbollah” have seized some houses belonged to displaced people in Darya city and turned them into military headquarters in the last few days.


The seized houses are near former headquarters and positions of the Hezbollah and Al-Najbaa Movement on Al-Fosol Al-Arbaa road, near Al-Maamel road leading to Darya city to the flank of Daraa-Damascus highway, precisely in the vicinity of Sayeda Sakina’s shrine.


According to Syrian Observatory activists, the new houses, which fighters of Hezbollah and Al-Nujabaa Movement inhabited in, are located in unpopulated neighborhoods. While the presence of these fighters is confined to their headquarters, as they don’t walk around publicly in the neighborhoods of Darya city.


It is worth noting that only 7% of the indigenous residents live now in Darya city in light of the complex security procedures, as residents have to submit a permit application to enter Darya city. Accordingly, the applicants wait for long time at Damascus Provincial Council office, before heading to the 235th Branch, known as “Felastin Branch”, to conduct a security investigation for long hours in order to seal the required documents. In addition, the city suffers from almost-complete lack of basic services, massive destruction of residential buildings, and the difficulty of restoration of these buildings, as regime forces stationed at the checkpoints impose ransoms on people to allow the entry of construction materials to the city.


It is worth noting that regime forces officially allowed residents to enter the city for the first time in November 2019. While people in Darya, including the 4th Division officers and some regime soldiers of the regime forces and their families, live in houses in neighbourhoods extending from Al-Basil roundabout at the entrance to the city and to Al-Ziyarah hospital. The city also hosts some poor families inhabiting devastating houses.