Over criticizing police department | HTS arrests civilian in Salaqin city • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Over criticizing police department | HTS arrests civilian in Salaqin city


Idlib province: SOHR activists have reported that HTS has arrested a civilian from Salaqin city in Idlib countryside yesterday, after he had recorded an audio message criticizing the leadership of the police department in the region.

According to sources, the civilian was put on trial this morning without knowing the charges pressed against him.

On November 22, SOHR activists reported that a patrol of the police which is affiliated to the “Salvation Government” arrested a media activist in Idlib following a verbal argument between the activist and members of a police patrol, while he was filming in Idlib city. However, the patrol members released the activist less than an hour later.

This came in light of repression by HTS on media activists, to crackdown any criticism against its practices.

HTS restricts activists through the media affairs bureau, by reviewing media material and issuing cards authorizing them to work, in addition to carrying out arbitrary arrests and indirect threats. These acts forced several activists to look for other jobs or displace from HTS-held areas.

Moreover, HTS represses everyone criticizing its practices and deprives civilians from the freedom of public expression, in addition to following social media in order to monitor activists or others and arrest them only for commenting against HTS on social media.

It is worth noting that HTS is working on establishing its own media entity, led by persons affiliated with HTS, while claiming independence.

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