Hectic movements in Al-Suwaidaa | Regime forces intend to launch large-scale security campaign • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights
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Hectic movements in Al-Suwaidaa | Regime forces intend to launch large-scale security campaign

Al-Suwaidaa province: SOHR has obtained new information on the current military movements by regime forces in Al-Suwaidaa province, including bringing in large military reinforcement in the past days to Al-Suwaidaa city and boosting posts and checkpoints.


According to SOHR sources, regime forces intend to unleash a large-scale security campaign, targeting the unlicensed vehicles used by the local factions and specified groups of these factions, as well as deployment of new checkpoints in the province and start reconciliation deals with military deserts and young people who have passed their date of joining the mandatory service.


It is worth noting that Al-Suwaidaa province hosts a large number of people who have refused to perform mandatory service in the regime’s army since 2011.


On December 15, SOHR activists reported that regime forces brought in more military reinforcement to their positions in Al-Suwaydaa city from Damascus and Daraa province.


According to Syrian Observatory activists, several regime soldiers were stationed in fortifications set on the roof of a national hospital in Al-Suwaydaa city.


The new military reinforcement came in light of reports on an expected large-scale security campaign by regime forces in Al-Suwaydaa province to fight some local groups operating in the province.


While on December 1, SOHR sources reported that regime military reinforcement of personnel carriers and 4×4 vehicles equipped with medium-machine guns, security forces’ soldiers, and members of the state security service arrived in Al-Suwaidaa city. The arrived troops were deployed in the vicinity of the governorate building, at some military headquarters of the regime forces, and at the entrances to Al-Suwaidaa city.”