The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Deir Ezzor | Iranian-backed military group kills young man in eastern countryside

Deir Ezzor province: SOHR sources have reported that a fight erupted yesterday between an armed group of the Iranian-backed “Hashimyoun” militia and a young man near Al-Jalaa school in Al-Maslakhah village controlled by Iranian-backed militias in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor. During the fight, the Iranian-backed militiamen shot the young man dead, while unconfirmed reports stated that the young man was killed for “refusing to join Iranian-backed militias”.


On December 10, SOHR activists reported that Iran-backed militias started building a bridge to connect seven villages under their control on the eastern bank of Euphrates to areas under their control on the river’s western bank. These seven villages were: Hatlah, Marrat, Mazloum, Khesham, Al-Taybah, Al-Salihiyah and Al-Hosayniyah.


The bridge was constructed between Al-Hosayniyah and Al-Howayqah villages on the both banks of the river, although there was a bridge known as the “Russian Bridge” connecting the river’s two banks. However, the recently-constructed bridge would be run and used only by the Iranian-backed factions in that region.