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Attempting to cross into Turkey | Young man drowns in Al-Asi river

Idlib province: SOHR sources have reported that a young man from Maarshourin town in Idlib countryside was found dead on the bank of Al-Asi river near Darkoush area in the northern countryside of Idlib. The young man, who was gone missing with three children a week ago, drowned in the river, while he was attempting to cross into Turkey, fleeing from the dire living conditions in Syria.


On December 10, SOHR sources reported that rescue teams retrieved the body of a child who drowned in Al-Asi river near Hayr Jamous village in Salqin on the Syria border with Iskenderun region in northern Idlib. This child drowned in the river with a second child after being detected by the Turkish Jandarma while they were trying to cross into Turkey.


Meanwhile, the search for the second child continued.


According to Syrian Observatory statistics, the number of Syrian civilians who have been killed by the Turkish Jandarma since the beginning of the Syrian Revolution has risen to 495 including 92 children under the age of eighteen and 45 females over the age of eighteen.


While on December 7, SOHR activists documented that a civilian from Kafr Darian town, north of Idlib, was shot dead by Turkish Border Guard Forces “Jandarma” while attempting to cross into Turkish border‎. This incident coincided with Turkish border guards’ ongoing crimes against Syrians fleeing from the horrors of war to prevent them from sneaking into Turkish territory by the most horrific methods along the entire border strip.

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