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Demanding the release of civilian | Residents protest against HTS in Idlib countryside

Idlib province: SOHR activists have reported that dozens of residents have gathered in Hazanu town in Idlib countryside, demonstrating against HTS and demanding the release of a civilian who was arrested three months ago.

SOHR sources added that the arrested civilian belonged to Al-Tahrir party which opposes HTS policies.

On November 1, SOHR activists reported that HTS security service arrested two members of Al-Tahrir Party, a Russian and a Syrian who was member of Al-Tahrir Party. The raid happened in Al-Bardaqli village north Idlib and arrested were taken to HTS security centers.

While on October 29, SOHR activists reported that anti-HTS protests erupted in Al-A’tareb town in west Aleppo countryside. The protesters condemned the oppression of the HTS on them and its practices of terrorizing the people via the spread of the security branches in the areas under HTS control.

The protesters also called for fall of Al-Golani and the HTS security services and they raised placards about the fighting that happened between “Al Manhag Brothers” in west Idlib countryside and Jabal Al-Turkuman. The words read “you killed our sons over charges of being migrants and now you kill the migrants” in reference to HTS that was working under al-Qaeda as Al-Nusra front for fighting the moderate opposition factions on pretext that those factions are conspiring with the west and are fighting “those came to bring victory to Syrians” from Jihadists of different nationalities but HTS has become fighting the migrants after taking orders from the Turkish intelligence.

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