The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Homs | Grenade explosion injures child inside school

Homs province: SOHR activists have reported that a 14-year-old boy was injured in the explosion of a grenade in Ruqqaya school yard in Al-Zahraa district in Homs city, and he was taken to Al-Zahraa district hospital.

As insecurity chaos in regime-held areas continued, a civilian was killed on December 15, in a grenade explosion near Fad’ous roundabout in Jeb Al-Jandali neighbourhood in Homs city. It was not known whether it was a deliberate murder or the grenade exploded by mistake.

On december8, SOHR sources reported that People found a man in his forties hanged in a house in the police housing district in Homs city. No information about the incident has been reported.

While on December 5, SOHR sources reported that the residents of Al-Fadhiliya village in the western countryside of Homs found a body of a regime member who was killed. However, the identity of the killers remained unknown.

Also, on December 4, SOHR sources also reported that the body of a child was found in a bag in Al-Haswiyah area in Homs, in central Syria, near a regime security checkpoint, while local sources said that the child was killed by regime members for unknown reasons.