Joining anti-regime protests | Security services arrest activist in Damascus • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Joining anti-regime protests | Security services arrest activist in Damascus

Al-Suwaydaa province: SOHR activists have reported that members of regime security forces have arrested a civilian from Al-Suwaydaa province, near Qarajat Al-Abaseyein in Damascus while he was heading to Homs province.

According to sources, the activist is from Shahba city in Al-Suwaydaa countryside and tried to escape to Lebanon with the help of smugglers, as search warrants were issued against him for participating in peaceful demonstrations which demanded political changes and improvement of living conditions.

SOHR activists obtained images showing the activist during his participation in the protests under the name of “We want to live”.

On November 19, SOHR reported that regime forces arrested four young men at the checkpoint of “Conference Palace” in the vicinity of Damascus international airport, while they were escorting their friend from the province of al-Suwaidaa to the airport. However, the reasons behind the arresting of the four men remained unknown. The arrested people’s relatives were informed of their arrest by their friend who was traveling abroad.

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