Deir Ezzor | ISIS attacks Iranian militia’s positions • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Deir Ezzor | ISIS attacks Iranian militia’s positions

Deir Ezzor province: SOHR activists have reported that ISIS cells have attacked positions of Al-Nujabaa Iraqi movement near the salt mine in Al-Tabanni desert in Deir Ezzor countryside.

On the same context, Liwaa Al-Quds militias brought in military reinforcement to the attacked position, but no casualties have been reported yet.

Earlier today, SOHR activists reported that ISIS cells attacked posts of “Al-Qatarji” and National defense” militias in the vicinity of Al-Kharata oil field in the southwestern Deir Ezzor desert on Sunday evening.
According to Syrian Observatory sources, ISIS attack left 12 wounded members of “Al-Qatarji and National Defense” militias. Members of “Al-Qatarji and National Defense” militias had withdrawn after regime forces’ support arrived and warplanes intervened.

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