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Rising tension in Al-Suwaydaa | Regime member killed and another injured in attack on police station

Al-Suwaydaa province: SOHR sources have reported that a regime member was killed and an captain sustained serious injury, after mortars hit the police station in Al-Suwaydaa city, along with renewed clashes in the police station.


SOHR activists have just reported hearing loud explosions in Al-Suwaydaa city, caused by mortar shells fired on the city, along with sporadic clashes with machineguns in the vicinity of the governorate headquarters and the police station in the city.


According to sources, members of the local factions attacked Syrian regime’s headquarters, as revenge for the death of a commander of the local armed factions in Al-Suwaydaa.


On the other hand, Elba family (the victim’s family) in Jabal Al-Arab and Al-Mahjar issued a statement condemning the death of the young man, and declared they would not accuse any side or group until the results of the investigations declared.


Reliable sources told SOHR earlier this morning that Al-Suwaydaa was witnessing protest and deployment of local gunmen in the vicinity of Al-Basel and Al-Malaab roundabout since early morning. Meanwhile, clashes erupted between local gunmen and regime forces, where a young man from Al-Suwaydaa city was killed and others were wounded.


According to SOHR sources, the tension and protests came as a response to arresting of a young man from Al-Suwaydaa yesterday near Al-Abbasids garages in Damascus on charges of participating in peaceful demonstrations that took place in Al-Suwaydaa under the name “We want to live.”


Al-Suwaydaa city witnessed a state of security chaos and tension between local militants and regime forces, as well as closure of some shops for fear of escalating the tension.

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