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New increase in basic products prices in Al-Raqqa | Consumer societies counter monopoly

Al-Raqqa Province: Reliable SOHR sources have reported lack of essential consumer products and supplies in the markets in Al-Raqqa city  in light of the recent bread crisis and shortage of medicine in the past few days. Meanwhile, traders exploited these crises to stockpile products in order to gain more profit.

In addition, the traders have stockpiled most of supply commodities such as sugar and flour, after the city witnessed an increase in prices of subsidized bread and medicines, while the prices of some foodstuffs and supplies have increased to to a level unaffordable by most of families in Al-Raqqa.

SOHR sources have reported a list of the new prices of some essential products as follows:


Food supplies


  • Sugar: 4,000 SYL per kilo


  • Rice: 3,500 SYL per kilo


  • Bulgur: 2,500 SYL per kilo





  • Diesel : 1,500 SYL per litre
  • Petrol : 1,500 SYL per litre
  • Gasoline: 1,200 SYL per litre

Meanwhile, the “Autonomous Administration” in north-eastern Syria established three consumer co-operative societies in the centre of Al-Raqqa to sell products at relatively low prices to counter monopoly, where these consumer societies witnessed considerable congestion, while no procedures have been adopted so far to put an end to the high prices of medicines.

On the other hand, “Health Committee” announced start of funding and supervising Obstetrics and gynaecology hospital in Al-Raqqa after suspension of support by organizations, as this step “came in line with the public interest”, as the committee described.

It is worth noting that the residents in Al-Raqqa suffer from suspension of financial and relief support programs provided by some humanitarian organizations, while local organizations seem satisficed with holding recreational activities, psychological support projects and dialogue sessions.

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