The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Afrin violations | Turkish intelligence arrest civilian from Jendires, while Al-Amshat impose new levies on farmers in Sheikh Hadeed

Aleppo province: A patrol of Turkish intelligence arrested a civilian trading in olive oil and cattle from  Kamarsha village in Jendires district in Afrin countryside on December 17. The man was taken to a security centre in Jendires district for unknown reasons.


On the other hand, Al-Amshat faction has imposed new levies on the farmers of Sheikh Hadeed district, forcing them to pay 2.5 USD on every olive tree under the “protection taxes”.


On December 20, SOHR activists reported that the Turkish-backed factions continued their violations against displaced people and their properties through cutting trees, selling, and taking over their houses by force, imposing levies, and committing robberies in Afrin.


In this context, SOHR activists reported that the 112th Brigade imposed levies of 150 olive oil 20-litre tins on people from Baadanli village in Raju district. The 112th Brigade also stole 350 olive trees and imposed levies on four olive pressers of an estimated $ 10,000.

Moreover, members of Turkish-backed faction seized 800 olive trees and felled 250 olive trees to sell them as “fire logs for heating.”