The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

SDF bombardment | Three Turkish-backed militiamen killed in Al-Hasakah countryside

Al-Hasakah province: SOHR activists have documented the death of three members of the Turkish-backed “National Army”, after bombardment by SDF on their position near Turkish posts in “Peace Spring” areas in Al-Hasakah countryside.


On the other hand, SOHR sources reported ongoing bombardment between SDF and Turkish forces and their proxies, where the number of shells fired by Turkish forces on Abu Raseen town, its surrounding areas and Tel Tamr countryside since morning has exceeded 340.


SOHR sources had reported the death of three people due to the Turkish bombardment on Al-Hasakah countryside.


A woman and her little daughter were killed and three other children were injured in Rabea’at in the southern countryside of Abu Raseen (Zarkan), while a man was killed in Asadyea village.


Meanwhile, six others were injured in different areas in Abu Raseen and Tal Tamer, some seriously, where  they were taken to Al-Qamishly hospitals,


Moreover, three regime soldiers were injured after artillery shells hit their positions, and they were taken to Tel Tamr hospital.


Meanwhile, SOHR activists reported a wave of displacements amid bad weather conditions from Abu Raseen (Zarkan) town to safer areas in the eastern countryside of the town due to violent rocket and artillery fire by the Turkish forces.


On the other hand, the violent exchange of shelling between “SDF” on one hand, and Turkish forces and their proxies on the other escalated in the evening, as nearly 250 shells hit the town and its surroundings in an hour and a half, while hundreds others fired by Turkish forces hit the town since morning.


Turkish forces stationed in Daoudia and Bab Al-Khair bases directly bombard Abu Raseen town and its hill, Azouz farm and Al-Dardara in Abu Raseen countryside, in addition to Umm Al-Kif, Tel Juma’a and Tel Karabet in Tel Tamr countryside. However, no casualties were reported.


A few hours earlier, SOHR activists reported that SDF and Turkish forces had trade fires in the northwestern countryside of Al-Hasakah, on Abu Raseen (Zarkan) frontlines.


SDF also bombed the positions of Turkish forces and factions in “Peace Spring” area east of Ras al-Ain/Sri Kanye. No casualties were reported.

Meanwhile, SOHR activists reported that Turkish forces stationed in Bab Al-Khair and Da’oudiyah bases fired heavy artillery shells on Abu Raseen (Zarkan) town northwestern of Al-Hasakah that evening, but no casualties were reported. Meanwhile, some residents from the town were displaced towards the countryside and the northern outskirts of the city.