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Factional tension | “Al-Amshat” militia on high alert in Sheikh Al-Hadid district in Afrin countryside


Aleppo Province: Following tensions that erupted between “Al-Amshat” Souliman Shah faction and National Army factions that serve under the banner of Azm operation room, SOHR sources reported a major military alert of “Amshat” faction since the early hours of Friday morning in Sheikh Al-Hadid district in Afrin countryside.

According to Syrian Observatory activists, the tension between faction “Abu Amshah” and “Azm” factions still goes on until the present moment, although Abu Amshah accepted the faction’s demands and surrender his two brothers to the Rights Restitution Committee.

On December 19, SOHR reliable sources reported that Mohamed Al-Jasem (Abou Amshah) the leader of Souliman Shah faction (Al-Amshat) handed his brother to the Rights Restitution Committee in Afrin due to the latest tensions that took place between Al-Amshat and other factions of the National Army.

The National Army factions that serve under the banner of Azm operation room threatened to attack Al-Ashmat faction that controls Al-Sheikh Hadeed district in Afrin countryside if the faction did not hand Abou Ashmah’s two brothers whose violations against the inhabitants of Afrin were verified. The violations included murder, looting, and seizing properties as the two brothers exploited their powers and wreaked havoc with other factions in the areas under their control in Afrin and in Aleppo countryside areas under the control of the Turkish forces and its proxies.