"God Damn National Army" | Sheikh Ahmed Al-Halawi threatens Abu Amshaa • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

“God Damn National Army” | Sheikh Ahmed Al-Halawi threatens Abu Amshaa

SOHR activists have reported that Sheikh Ahmed Al-Halawi told people about the crimes of Abu Amsha in the areas under his control, and threatened to expose the crimes he committed accusing him of being the man of HTS in “Olive Branch” areas and that he meets the jihadist “Abu Maria Al-Qahtani”.

Al-Shiekh has described Abu Amsha and his supporters including dignitaries and faction commanders as corrupted, relating them to gangs and criminals.

He added that Abu Ashma and his faction sexually abuses Kurds and practice violations against them in Al-Shaikh Hadid and some areas in Aleppo countryside.

Moreover, Shiekh Ahmed Al-Halawi called for the “Honourable” to stand against Abu Ashma and his gang.

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