Ain Al-Arab (Kobani) | People intercept joint Russian-Turkish patrol • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Ain Al-Arab (Kobani) | People intercept joint Russian-Turkish patrol

Aleppo province: Residents from villages and towns in the eastern countryside of Ain Al-Arab/Kobani intercepted a joint patrol of Russian and Turkish forces, SOHR activists said.

This incident came two days after a Turkish drone bombed a house in Kobani city killing six people, including two “revolutionary youth” commanders.

According to Syrian Observatory activists, residents threw stones at Russian and Turkish vehicles near “Ain Al-Batt and Qarmug, “village, east of Kobani, expressing their rejection for running joint patrol.

The joint patrol, which comprised eight Russian and Turkish military vehicles escorted by two Russian helicopters, set off from Gharib village, east of Kobani, and toured the villages of Kobani countryside.

This was the 84th joint patrol between Russian and Turkish forces since an agreement was reached between the two sides regarding a ceasefire in north Syria region.

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