Aleppo | Turkish-backed factions renew shelling on Manbij positions • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Aleppo | Turkish-backed factions renew shelling on Manbij positions


Aleppo province: SOHR activists have reported that the Turkish-backed factions have fired artillery shells on Manbij countryside, where shells hit the vicinity of Al-Sayad and Jamousiyah villages in Manbij countryside eastern of Aleppo, but no casualties have been reported.

Yesterday, violent clashes between “Manbij military council” forces and Turkish forces at a base in the vicinity of Sheikh Nasser village in the northwest of Manbij, in the eastern countryside of Aleppo, erupted since the early hours of Tuesday morning, SOHR sources said.

These clashes broke out following an infiltration attempt by a group of Manbij military council” forces on a Turkish base. No casualties were reported.

On December 27, SOHR activists reported clashes and exchanged bombardment between Turkish-backed factions and SDF-backed Manbij Military Council forces on the frontlines of Sayad, Arab Hassan, and Tukhar villages northwestern of Manbij in the eastern Aleppo countryside.

These villages are a smuggling path, where smugglers usually clash together over passage of freights.

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