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Rising tension | Member of Al-Hamza Division wounded in Aleppo countryside

Aleppo Province: Reliable sources have informed SOHR that a guard of Al-Hamza Division’s leader was injured due to exchange of fire between the “Military Police” and Al-Hamza Division at Tarnada checkpoint in Afrin countryside.

According to the sources clashes erupted between the Military police and Al-Hamza Division after the  guard refused to stop at the Military Police checkpoint, so they opened fire on guard and other members of Al-Hamza Division. Meanwhile, Al-Hamza Division brought in military reinforcement to Tarnda village, amid the arrival of similar reinforcement brought in by Al-Gabha Al-Shamiya to support Military Police against Al-Hamza Division.

The military police demanded Al-Hamza Division hand over all the  members and escorts who opened fire at the checkpoint, amid ongoing  tension between the two sides.

On December 24,  Following tensions that erupted between “Al-Amshat” Souliman Shah faction and National Army factions that serve under the banner of Azm operation room, SOHR sources reported a major military alert of “Amshat” faction since the early hours of Friday morning in Sheikh Al-Hadid district in Afrin countryside.

According to Syrian Observatory activists, the tension between faction “Abu Amshah” and “Azm” factions still goes on until the present moment, although Abu Amshah accepted the faction’s demands and surrender his two brothers to the Rights Restitution Committee.

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