Israeli bombardment of Lattakia port | Regime supporters angry over Russian silence and inaction • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Israeli bombardment of Lattakia port | Regime supporters angry over Russian silence and inaction

SOHR activists say that deep feelings of dissatisfaction and anger among the Syrian regime’s supporters are prevailing as a result of Russian inaction and silence over Israeli attacks in general and the latest targeting of Lattakia port in particular, as this port is the regime’s only maritime commercial connection with the world, after Russian forces seized Tartous port.

Air defense sources told the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights that Russian forces had refrained from using (S300) air defense missiles to intercept Israeli missiles.

Civilians, and political figures who are supporters of the Syrian regime, including a member of the Syrian parliament, have criticized the Russian inaction and expressed their resentment from Russia, which is the largest ally supporting the regime.

SOHR activists reported hearing loud explosions in Lattakia city and its suburbs on the Syrian coastline in the early hours of Tuesday morning, caused by rocket fire by Israel on weapons and ammunition containers, but it is not known yet if the targeted shipment was of Iranian forces or not.

This attack is the 29th Israeli attack on Syrian territory since early 2021.

These huge explosions and fires raging across the port ignited panic among the inhabitants of Latakia city, causing massive material damages at the port and tourist buildings there.

It is worth noting that Russia had taken no action regarding the Israeli attacks which hit the port which is located nearly 15 km away from the Russian base “Hamimim” southeast of Lattakia city, as “S300” air defense missiles had not intercepted the Israeli missiles.

Russia seeks to control Lattakia port after previously controlling Tartous port.

On December 7, SOHR activists reported that Israeli fighter jets have bombarded several missiles on the port of the coastal city of Lattakia targeting Irian weapons carriers.

The Israeli attack caused severe material losses, but no casualties were reported about casualties yet.

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