“Abu Amsha” appoints brother of the leader and founder of Ahrar Al-Sham at a senior post in “Al-Amshat” faction • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

“Abu Amsha” appoints brother of the leader and founder of Ahrar Al-Sham at a senior post in “Al-Amshat” faction

SOHR sources have reported that “Abu Amsha” the leader of Suleiman Shah Division has appointed “Hossam Ma’boud” as the head of public affairs bureau of the Division and a member of the leadership.


According to SOHR sources, “Hossam Ma’boud” is a top ex-commander in Ahrar Al-Sham and the brother of “Hassam Ma’boud” the leader and founder of Ahrar Al-Sham Islamic Movement.


“Hossam” has been accused of running real estate business in Turkey with a capital of millions of USD he had stolen from his brother who was killed with top commanders of the movement in an explosion in the movement’s headquarters in Ram Hamadan town in Idlib countryside a few years ago.


On December 25, SOHR sources reported that the Right Restitution Committee (RRC) demanded handing over of Basel Al-Jasem, nicknamed “Almdar”, a leader in Suleiman Shah faction (Al-Ashmaat) and brother to the faction leader Abu Ashmah.


Abu Ashmah issued a decision for sacking his other two brothers, Seraj Al-Lizar and Seif Al-Jasem from their posts, few hours after both as well as other media men of Al-Ashmaat faction were arrested, under his consent, by Azem division’s security committee on charges of corruption and bribe in Aleppo countryside areas.


This comes while a meeting convenes among Syrian Mufti, Sheikh Ousamah Al-Refa’y, Azem operation room and the RRC in Azaz city for discussing Al-Ashmaat faction issue.


Sheikh Ahmad Al-Halway spoke about Abu Ashmah crimes in that the areas under his faction control and threatened to unveil his them. He also accused Abu Ashamah as an arm of the Hayaat Tahrir Al-Sham in the areas under control of the Olive Branch and that he meets with Jihadist Abu Mariya Al-Qahtany.


Al-Halway described Abu Ashmah and his supporters from elders and factional leaders as corrupted and termed them as thugs and criminals.


Al-Halway also pointed out that Abu Ashmah and his faction are violating rights of the Kurds in Sheikh Hadid and areas in Aleppo countryside, and called on the honorable people to stand against Abu Ashmah and his gang.


Meanwhile, an official from the RRC has unveiled disturbing details of the violations committed by the leaders of Souliman Shah faction (Al-Ashmaat), Abu Ashmah and his brother against the inhabitants of Al-Sheikh Hadid town in Afrin countryside. Such violations have included blackmail and rape as well as in grave abuses and crimes against the Kurdish people in Sheikh Hadid.


This comes amid growing tensions between the “Azem operation room” and Al-Ashmaat faction as Azem, based on confirmed information, has mobilised and prepared hundreds of fighters to attack Al-Ashmaat faction in Sheikh Al-Hadid in case a deal was not reached with Abu Ashmah to hand out a number of his faction leaders and members to the Right Restitution Committee and to hand himself in for trial.


The official member in the RRC says, “I, along with several other members in the committee, was privileged to learn about many unbelievable and shocking crimes in Sheikh Hadid region.”


“I saw good work by Azem leaders and the committee elders that reminds us with the first days of the Syrian revolution. At the same time, I saw crimes and violations in Sheihk Hadid region that is occupied by Abu Ashmah and his brothers. I termed them as occupiers because what has been happening in the region is similar to thugs and mafia crimes,” the committee’s official added.


Abu Ashmah’s corruption is like cancer that could not be treated but should be uprooted, the RRC’s official says, referring to some crimes committed by Abu Ashmah and his notorious brothers which are quoted as follows:


  • “Abu Ashmah and his brothers imposed high levies: eight US dollars annually on one fruit-bearing tree and four US dollars on other types of trees, a quarter of olive harvest of each piece of land beside other kinds of looting and levies.


  • I met with many young men who have been tempted and recruited by Abu Ashmah to travel to Libya and Azerbaijan. Those fighters were abandoned by the faction’s leader after being wounded and now they are facing horrible economic, health, social and psychological conditions.


  • Abu Ashmah and his brothers, like the psychic criminals of the regime, were fond of shooting persons who bother them in the knee and tortured many people to death in Al-Ashmaat detentions centres for no reason.


  • For me, rape and sexual blackmail of decent women which break the hearts of any free Muslim was the most heinous crime that I wished I died with my dear Abdel Qader Al-Slahel before learning about them.


  • I listened to dozens of authentic testimonies that expose immoral crimes of Abu Ashmah and his brothers. The faction’s leader and his brothers have mastered the discipline, spreading and encouraging the perpetrations of crimes that put them in the same category as Bashar Al-Assad and forces, in one bin of garbage.


  • Abu Ashmah and his brothers used many methods to harm the dignity of the targeted women, including seduction and enticement with money. In case of a female’s rejections of all temptations, Al-Ashmaat media men (who should be handed out to the RRC to unveil their names and their role in raping women) hack their phones and take some videos and photos to blackmail them and then drag them to their headquarters to rape and take photos for them to use it as a blackmail tool.


  • The faction’s members also exploit the needs of poor women and publish some fake jobs advertisements with high salaries to drag women and then offer the attractive females some jobs that make them within the militiamen’s reach. I will not mention more details in this regard.


  • The faction’s members also stormed some houses, kidnapped and raped some females. They also exploited sisters and wives of some affiliate fighters by sending the brothers, fathers and husbands to Libya and Azerbaijan to get murdered there while leaving the females without breadwinners under the faction mercy. Their anti-females’ crimes also reached the level that the factions members appointed a lady for carrying out abortion procedures on raped women.


  • We learned about these crimes from the male and female survivors and their relatives not in Bashar Al-Assad prisons but in Sheikh Hadid new detention centre that is run by criminal Abu Ashmah and his cursed brothers.


  • I will not mention the crimes of trading drugs from Syria to Libya and to Europe because such crimes are nothing compared to the other hateful crimes that we saw or listened to.


  • What is funny here is that even the officers who have been bought with Abu Ashmah illegal dollars have been also subject to humiliation and crimes. They were also victims of Abu Ashmah repeated humiliation to satisfy his psychological complex that culminated in beating them in a cupboard.


  • Of course, the Kurdish people were no different. They were subject to crimes and tyranny of Abu Ashmah over ready-made charges of belonging to the Kurdish Worker Party (PKK).”


All the mentioned abhorrent crimes appeared while the RRC has just started its investigations, according the RRC’s official.


The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) has repeatedly reported the violations committed by Al-Ashmaat faction in Sheikh Hadid region that included robbery, murder and arrests of civilians and confiscation of their properties, and exploiting their young men who were sent by Abu Ashmah as mercenaries to Libya and Azerbaijan and loot their monthly salaries.


SOHR reported earlier today tension still prevailed throughout the day between “Al-Amshat” faction Azm factions in Sheikh Al-Hadid district in Afrin countryside.


According to sources, the tensions between “Abu Amshah” and “Azm” factions still goes on until the present moment, although Abu Amshah accepted the faction’s demands and surrendered his two brothers to the RRC.


On December 19, reliable sources informed SOHR that Abou Ashmah handed his brother to the RRC in Afrin due to the latest tensions between Al-Amshat and other factions of the National Army.


The National Army factions that serve under the banner of Azm operation room threatened to attack Al-Ashmat faction that controls Al-Sheikh Hadid district in Afrin countryside if the faction did not hand Abou Ashmah’s two brothers, whose violations against the inhabitants of Afrin were verified. The violations included murder, looting, and seizing properties as the two brothers exploited their powers and wreaked havoc with other factions in the areas under their control in Afrin and in Aleppo countryside areas under the control of the Turkish forces and its proxies.

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