The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Narcotics business | Large amounts of hashish and illicit pills en route to Saudi Arabia and Emirates

SOHR sources have reported that large amounts of narcotics: hundreds of kilograms of hashish and tens of thousands of Captagon pills, were confiscated yesterday in Daraa. These narcotics were hidden in plastic containers used for preserving food as they were en route to Saudi Arabia and Emirates.


Syria-Jordan border is the nearest outlet to gulf states, as narcotics business, which is funned and supported by regime intelligence service and Lebanese Hezbollah, is prevalent in Daraa and Al-Suwaidaa countryside in light of the security chaos in south Syria.


Regime security services have launched several security campaigns, targeting drug dealers in the two provinces where they managed to arrest many.


Also, on December 11, large amounts of drugs en route to Jordan were confiscated.


Captagon is illegal drug created in Germany in 1962 to treat narcolepsy and depression. It also spread among militiamen for its euphoric and fear-inhibiting effect.


The phenomenon of drug addiction has prevailed recently in Syria, after the intervention of Iranian-backed militias and Lebanese Hezbollah which established factories in several Syrian areas for manufacturing drugs.