Dire living conditions | High prices of heaters spur residents in Al-Raqqa to repair their old ones • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Dire living conditions | High prices of heaters spur residents in Al-Raqqa to repair their old ones

As living conditions of civilians are worsening in light of the unaffordable prices and Syrian currency plunge, as well as the closure of border crossings and the extreme cold in winter, civilians are struggling to afford the expenses of heating materials such as “Diesel and fire logs.”

Syrian people had purchased new heaters at the outset of each winter, before their prices increased to a level unaffordable by the many.

In Al-Raqqah markets, in particular, the price of a new heater has risen to 150,000 Syrian pounds, equivalent to 40 US dollars, which spurs people to maintain their old wood-burner stove in order to avoid paying additional costs in light of the limited per capita income and the high cost of living.

Abdul Aziz Dibo, the owner of a heater repair shop on Al-Quwatli Street in Al-Raqqa city, told Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, “I inherited this craft from my father and grandfather, previously, people were in no need for this craft, but during the recent war it became highly demanded. Many families brought their heaters to get them repaired because they did not have enough money to buy new ones.

He also said that the high fees imposed on goods at crossings, the sharp fall in exchange rate of the Syrian pound against the US dollar, and the high prices in general, especially materials used for heating, have led to raising the price of heaters, particularly diesel-operating heaters, being the most in-demand. The price of heaters starts from150,000 Syrian pounds and varies according to their quality.

We, at the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, call on the “Autonomous Administration in northern and north and east Syria” fulfil people’s demands to improve their living conditions in light of the high prices of essential products.

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