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SOHR: Children killed in Syria ‘chemical attack’

The UK-based NGO with a broad network of partners on the ground explained in a statement that 383 of the civilian casualties in the past 12 months were children, most of whom were killed by the mine blast and other explosive devices, or by shots fired by government forces.

Deflagrations were the leading cause of civilian deaths this year, taking some 300 lives, followed by unaccounted-for killings, in which 288 citizens perished, and non-military violence, with 249 deaths recorded as of December 31.

According to the Observatory, 234 civilians were shot dead by forces loyal to the Syrian president, Bashar al Assad, and 76 more, at the hands of the jihadist group Islamic State (IS), which maintains some cells in the central desert of the country almost three years after its territorial defeat in Syria.

2,324 combatants killed from different sides

As for foreign military interventions, Turkish aviation, supporter of the opposition, killed 31 people, while the bombings of Russia, an ally of Al Assad, killed 14.

Israel, which has no presence in the Arab nation but often launches missile strikes from nearby territories, caused 6 civilian casualties. The NGO revealed, on the other hand, the death of 2,324 combatants from the different sides involved in the armed conflict, 607 of them from government troops and another 425 from the militias that support it militarily, almost all Syrian or Shiite foreigners.

For its part, ISIS lost 503 of its men and the Syrian Democratic Forces (FSD), a Kurdish-led alliance that operates in the northeast of the nation, to 168.

The remaining deaths occurred mainly in the ranks of the different Islamist and jihadist factions, although Ankara lost 30 troops and Russia two, the organization said.

The war fronts have been practically frozen in Syria for a couple of years and since Turkey’s last incursion into the north and the Russian-Turkish ceasefire in the northwestern province of Idlib, the last opposition stronghold, violence has declined. significant.

However, in recent months Syrian and Russian forces have stepped up their attacks in the northwest, while continuing operations against Islamic State jihadists at various points in the vast Badia desert.




SOURCE: Memesita

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