The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Deported by Turkey for trying to go to Europe | National Army detains nine Iranians for more than 100 days

Since mid-September 2021, nine Iranian citizens have been still detained by the Turkish-backed factions, after Turkey deported them to areas controlled by the “National Army” in Aleppo countryside, amid reports about the Turkish-backed factions’ demand for ransoms in exchange for their release.

On September 23, Reliable sources reported that the Turkish government deported nine Iranian people to areas under the control of Turkish forces and factions of the National Army in north Aleppo countryside a week ago.

According to the sources, these people were from Paveh city in Kermanshah province in west Iran, which is inhabited mostly by Kurdish citizens, and they entered Turkey a few months ago. When the nine people were arrested later by the Turkish Border Guard Forces (Jandarma), while they were attempting to sneak into Europe, they claimed that they were Syrian citizens, so that they would be deported outside Turkey. However, the Turkish government deported them to Syria, via Bab al-Salamah crossing, which is under the control of the factions of the National Army.

As soon as the Iranian people had arrived in Syria, they were all arrested, while their fate remained unknown, amid appeals by their families on social media to disclose their sons’ fate.