The “Forgotten Camp” | Two families leave Al-Rukban camp to regime-held areas • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

The “Forgotten Camp” | Two families leave Al-Rukban camp to regime-held areas

SOHR activists have reported that two families hail from Al-Qariteen city in Homs countryside left Al-Rukban camp that is located on Syria-Jordan-Iraq triangle border, headed to regime’s areas in Homs province this morning, with no guarantees that regime’s security services will not arrest them.

It is worth noting that leaving al-Rukban camp phenomena escalated due to the deteriorating living conditions in the camp, which suffers from difficult humanitarian conditions with the absence and ignored of international community, the high cost of living and the lack of job opportunities in the camp, which became a forgotten “big prison” in the Syrian desert, inhabited by 11,000 displaced Syrians family from all over Syria.
According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights’ statistics, some 179 families comprising 780 persons have left the camp in 2021. Here is a monthly distribution of the families that left the camp:
• January: 17 families comprising 95 persons
• February: 15 families comprising 66 persons
• March: 17 families comprising 80 persons
• April: 15 families comprising 62 persons
• May: 14 families comprising 51 persons
• June: 17 families comprising 81 persons
• July: 13 families comprising 45 persons
• August: 14 families comprising 57 persons
• September: 15 families comprising 66 persons
• October: 13 families comprising 44 persons
• November: 10 families comprising 33 persons
• December: 19 families comprising 100 persons

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