The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

New attack | Israeli tanks attack bushes near “disengagement line” near Syrian Golan

Al-Quneitra province: SOHR sources have reported that a fire broke out in bushes of Al-Huriyyah village near the “disengagement line” and Occupied Syrian Golan, after Israeli tanks had opened fire on a military post in that area. The attack coincided with frequent flights by Israeli helicopters over the area.


SOHR sources documented 29 airstrikes by Israeli aircraft on Syrian territory in 2021, with the last taking place on October 25 when SOHR activists reported that an Israeli drone targeted with two missiles two military centers of regime forces and their proxies at the outskirts of Al-Baath city and Al-Koroum village in al-Qoniterah province, which caused material damage, but no casualties were reported.