The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Russian jets target positions in Syrian desert with four airstrikes, bringing the number of airstrikes in January to nearly 70

Reliable sources have told SOHR that Russian fighter jets have executed four airstrikes on Al-Rasafah desert in Al-Raqqah countryside, but no casualties have been reported.


Yesterday, Russian jets also executed 20 airstrikes on different positions in the desert, while aerial operations were suspended completely on January 3.


Accordingly, the number of airstrikes executed by Russian fighter jets since the beginning of January 2022 has reached 69.


On January 2, reliable sources informed SOHR that regime forces brought in new military reinforcement to Homs desert, comprising military vehicles, heavy weapons and dozens of soldiers.


On the other hand, Russian jets conducted nearly 20 airstrikes on ISIS hideouts in Hama and Homs desert areas.