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Five years of regime control over eastern Aleppo | Syrians between hammer of services absence and anvil of suppressions by security branches amid Iran’s influence expansion

SOHR appeals to the international community to refer all war criminals and crimes against humanity committed in Syria to the International Criminal Court, so that murderers do not go unpunished.

After five years of Syrian regime’s control over the eastern regions of Aleppo with Russian-Iranian support and despite the displacement of rebels and residents, regime still hasn’t forgotten that these residents joined the “Syrian revolution” as regime’s military vehicles had destroyed these neighbourhoods, killed and displaced thousands of residents on December 21 of 2016.

This followed the Russian-Iranian-Turkey agreement which led to the displacement of 27,000 people from the neighbourhoods including 7,000 fighters, after a siege by regime forces and its militias.

SOHR documents the current situation of the eastern neighbourhoods of Aleppo after 60 months of regime’s control in the following report:

–            The scene of destruction and lack of services is dominant in eastern Aleppo

Although five years have passed during the regime’s control over eastern Aleppo neighbourhoods, with support by its militias, residents are still being punished for joining the Syrian revolution, where the regime’s government intentionally deprive these neighbourhoods from essential life necessities such as electricity and water, with widespread of garbage in the streets and the scenery of destroyed residential buildings due to the ongoing bombardment during years of regime’s control over the region despite the presence of hundreds of families living there. However life needs is completely absent in light of the government media talks about bringing life back to these neighbourhoods.

–            Long term Iranian expansion in eastern Aleppo neighbourhoods

While all Syrian governments under regime-control witness catastrophic living conditions and poverty that prevents civilians from securing daily livelihood in light of deteriorating financial situation, lack of job opportunities and huge rise in goods prices, these governorates still witness sale operations of real estate on a large scale for high prices. In Aleppo city the Iranian-backed local and foreign militias of Arabic or Asian nationalities have been buying real estate in several regions of Reef Dimashq, DeirEzzor and Palmyra, where these sale operations were concentrated in eastern Aleppo neighbourhoods amid displacement of civilians and the control of regime forces. These neighbourhoods included Al-Marja, Bab Al-Hadid, Al-Maysar and old Aleppo neighbourhoods. SOHR reported that the phenomenon of sale operations of real estate is not new, but are actually increasing each day on an escalating rate.

–            Aleppo industry shackled by royalties imposed by regime security services and lack of services

The industry sector in Aleppo city has suffered lack of services and electricity while the security services still impose financial levies on the manufacturers to let them produce.

Thought the regime has been repeating several times the work manufacturers via qualifying the electricity damaged network due to the war and securing their services, but the reality is completely different.

The manufacturers and owners of labs complain in al-Yarmoon, al-Sheukh Nagar, al-Ramousah of the debris spreading around their labs in addition to the levies imposed by the security regime services on monthly and weekly base amid hiking cost of the production because the labs owners are forced to buy the diesel from the black market due to the electricity blackout in their workshops and not receiving subsidized fuel from the government

The regime security services impose levies on the cars loaded with goods of the industrial zones as well as going routinely to the owners of labs for taking weekly and monthly salaries as salaries and allocations.

According to SOHR, many manufacturers have closed their workshops recently due to the problems that face and the absence of services, which forces some of them to leave to Egypt.

Since the beginning of the escalation of shelling in eastern Aleppo neighbourhoods on April 22, 2016 until December 21, 2016, the date of bringing the area under the Syrian regime’s control, the Syrian Observatory has documented the deaths of 1,889 civilians, including 360 children and 163 women:

  • 1,607 civilians, including 300 children and 139 women, were killed by hundreds of airstrikes carried out by Russian and regime jets and helicopters on most of the eastern neighbourhoods controlled by the opposition factions in Aleppo city.

  • 282 civilians, including 60 children and 24 women, one of whom was an elderly woman, were killed by regime artillery shelling, tanks, mortars and rockets believed to be ground-to-ground missiles on areas in neighbourhoods of eastern Aleppo city.

The shelling also caused destruction and material damage to hundreds of homes, civilians’ property and buildings in the targeted neighbourhoods, while thousands of civilians, including hundreds of children and women sustained injuries of varying severity.

Therefore, SOHR renews its calls to bring those criminals with Syrian blood on their hands to special international courts, so that they would face justice.

SOHR also renews its calls to the international community to refer all war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in Syria to the International Criminal Court, so that murderers do not go unpunished and to help the Syrian people seek liberty, democracy, justice and equality in a state that guarantees the rights of the Syrian people.

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