The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Security vacuum | Unidentified individuals kidnap three civilians in Al-Suwaidaa

Al-Suwaidaa province: As security situation is deteriorating across the entire Syrian geography, SOHR sources have reported that three civilians were kidnapped by unidentified individuals in Al-Suwaidaa province in the past 48 hours.


According to SOHR sources, two young men from Aleppo were kidnapped in Um Al-Zaytoun village in the north of Al-Suwaidaa province, while they were heading to Al-Suwaidaa for buying a new car. However, the motives behind kidnapping these civilians remained unknown.


While the third civilian who was from Al-Suwaidaa was kidnapped while he was travelling on his motorcycle on the road between Al-Qasr and Shaqqa in the east of Al-Suwaidaa. The man was released after his money and motorcycle had been taken over.