Growing crimes in regime-held areas since early 2022 |Three crimes left child, man and women killed • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Growing crimes in regime-held areas since early 2022 |Three crimes left child, man and women killed

Amid lack of simplest life essentials and in absence of security supervision, the crimes rate has been growing across Syria, especially the in regime-held areas. Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) has documented three premeditated murders since early 2022 due to family violence, and other known reasons, that left a girl in Damascus, a female child in Rif Dimashq and a man in Tartous killed.

SOHR detailed the crimes as follow:
• Yesterday: reliable sources informed SOHR that a little girl known by her initials as (A.M.) was found dead inside the bathroom in her house with signs of burnings and stabbings were seen at her back and neck. According to the sources, the 11-year-old girl lived with her family in the Mahalet Al-Ghazlaniya in Rif Dimashq in regime-held areas. However, no further details about the circumstances of the crime and the identity of the perpetrator were reported.
• January 7: a man known by his initials as (H.Kh.) was killed in Al-Sheikh Badr region in Tartous province with a chopping wood ax. Sic persons, including his wife, daughters, son and brother in law, were detained bending investigations, over accusations of getting rid of the victim to seize his properties. According to the victim’s neighbours, he was continuously beaten by his wife and sons.
• On January 3: the murder of Aya El-Refaay, a 19-year-old Syrian female, by her husband ignited public anger. This murder is a new crime added to the list of violations against Syrian women by their husbands. She was severely beaten by her husband, her mother-in-law and her father-in-law in Al-Mogtahid district in Damascus.

We, in SOHR, point out that rate of crimes is growing across Syria, especially in the regime-held areas due to the worsening living conditions in the first place, followed by crimes of revenge and family violence as Syria suffers difficult economic hardship in light of the international sanctions and the hiking prices of the food commodities, fuel and other essentials of life.

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