The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

At least 25 members of the regime forces and allied militiamen killed and wounded in Aleppo’s clashes

Aleppo Province:

Clashes are still taking place between the factions of the military operation room of Anasar al- Sharia, which consists of Jabhat al- Nusra, Jabhat Ansar al- Din, Mujahedi al- Islam Movement, Ansar al- Khelafah, Ahrar al- Sham Movement, al- Tawhid and al- Jihad Battalion, the First Regiment, Abo Amarah Battalions, Fajr al- Khelafah Battalions, Saraya and Mi’ad, al- Sahaba Battalion, Jund Allah and al- Soltan Morad Brigade, against the regime forces, NDF and Hezbollah on the outskirts of the neighborhood of Jam’eyyit al- Zahraa, around al- Rasul al- A’zam mosque and the outskirts of al- Leramoun area leading to arrest 2 fighters of the Islamic battalions. The clashes accompanied by carrying out more airstrikes on the clashing area.


The rebel battalions launched several shells on the regime- held areas in the neighborhood of Halab al- Jadida causing material damages while some people were wounded.


25 members of the regime forces were killed and wounded in clashes with the rebel and Islamic battalions in Ikthar al- Bizar area northwest of Aleppo yesterday night.