The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Al-Hawl Mini-State | Unidentified gunmen assassinate paramedic in Kurdish Red Crescent position



Al-Hasakah province: SOHR activists have reported that unidentified gunmen believed to belong to ISIS, have assassinated a paramedic of a services checkpoint in Al-Hawl camp in Al-Hasakah countryside.


According to sources, the paramedic was shot in the head and died immediately, after the shooters tried to enter the Kurdish Red Crescent’s service checkpoint with fake identities. The checkpoint was evacuated to allow security members to investigate the incident.


Accordingly, the number of intentional murder crimes inside Al-hawl camp has risen to three since 2022, leaving two casualties which are a paramedic and an Iraqi refugee since January.


On January 8, Reliable sources told SOHR that failed assassination attempt occurred in light of the current security chaos in Al-Hawl camp in south-east of Al-Hasakah, where a Syrian displaced woman was shot in shoulder by ISIS affiliates in the fourth section of Al-Hawl camp.


While on January 3, SOHR activist reported that a new assassination was committed by ISIS members in Al-Hawl camp in the southeast of Al-Hasakah.


In the third section of Al-Hawl camp, an Iraqi refugee was shot dead.