Daily death toll | 31 people killed yesterday across Syria • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Daily death toll | 31 people killed yesterday across Syria

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) has documented the death of 31 people in different conditions in different areas in Syria yesterday. The deaths are distributed on the following areas:



  • Idlib: One person killed under torture and medical negligence in Syrian regime detention centres after nine years of arrest.


  • West Al-Suwaidaa: One person killed by known gunmen on the road linking villages of Ariqah, Heran and Labeen.



  • South-east Al-Hasakah: One person from Al-Sousaha town in east Deir Ezzor countryside was killed by unknown gunmen near Al-Hawl camp.


  • East Aleppo: Two guards of “Future Syrian Party” centre in Al-Arimah town in west Manaj countryside in east Aleppo were killed in unknown gunfire.



  • Tartous: A 52-year-old lady from Daweir Al-Sheikh was stabbed by sharp tool.


  • Tartous: A body of woman was found near Al-Karnak complex at the dream beach, and a pack of insecticide was found nearby her.



  • Azaz: Member of the opposition factions was killed in a car blast in Al-Asyanh district and the car is belonging to the chairman of “discipline department in the military police.”


  • South-west Damascus: Former leader of “Tagamu Al-Haramoon” opposition faction was shot dead by unknown gunmen in BayeitJin village on Al-Sheikh hill.



  • East Aleppo countryside: A solider of the regime forces was shot dead by Turkish snippers in a police station centre of regime members amid Karmough village in east Ain Al-Arab “Kubani).


  • National Defence Forces posts: Five of the “National Defence” forces were killed in a new attack by ISIS cells.



  • Idlib countryside: Three regime soldiers were killed in a sneaking attempt to the opposition factions’ posts on Safhoun frontline.


  • Aleppo countryside: Regime forces solider was killed in opposition factions attack on regime forces posts in Oram Al-Kubra.



  • East Aleppo countryside: A suicide bomber in Al-Bab city “Amam Al-Karagat” area under control of Turkey-backed factions.


  • Syrian desert: 11 ISIS militants were killed in airstrikes that were conducted by Russian fighter jets on ISIS hotbeds in Al-Sokhna and Palmyra desert in east Homs and Deir Ezzor desert.
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