The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Army pay increase | Tehran-backed militias raise combatants’ pay

Reliable sources have informed SOHR that militias operating under the banner of Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) across Syria in regime-controlled areas, have boosted the salaries of their fighters since the beginning of the new year.


The salaries of Iran-backed Syrian militiamen have been raised from 78,000 Syrian liras to 108,000 Syrian liras, equivalent to 30 USD, while the salaries of Iran-backed non-Syrian militiamen have been increased from 100,000 Syrian liras to 135,000,000 Syrian liras, equivalent to 38 US dollars.

On January 13, SOHR reported that Iran-backed militia from different non-Syrian nationalities had centered in one of the farms stationed between Deir Al-Asafeer and Bizaynah regions in east Ghouta Dimashiq.

According to SOHR sources, the Iranian militia was working for months on preparing and fortifying the farm with ready-made rooms and soil barriers. The Iranian militia brought in “iron sheets” and some trees and put them on the farm to camouflage their moves against reconnaissance aircraft. They also deployed some checkpoints in the vicinity of the farm that was used as a former headquarters for the 4th Division after the regime controlled the southern part of east Al-Ghoutah in May 2016.

Some farmers told SOHR sources that members speaking in Iraqi dialects and others who do not speak Arabic were touring the surroundings of the farm, which was taken as a post for Iranian factions, on daily bases.

On the other hand, reliable sources informed SOHR that the Iranian factions based inside “Air defence Liwaa 22” in north Al-Otiybah lake in east Al-Ghoutah countryside in Damascus province, were bolstering the post largely via digging tunnels and shelters and covered the digging areas with trees to avoid being spotted by satellites and reconnaissance aircrafts.