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Searching for antiques in Afrin | “National Army” factions remove hill near the city

Aleppo province: SOHR activists have reported that the Turkish-backed factions of the “National Army” have destroyed the remainder of Ain Diba hill which is located five kilometres to the north western of Afrin city.

Ain Diba hill is registered at the Syrian Ministry of Culture and General Administration of Antiques and Syrian museums based on Article no. 244, on 1981.

It is worth noting that the hill was destroyed by heavy machinery and bulldozers of the “National Army”, where most of the slope of Acropolis “the high city” was destroyed in addition to destruction of archaeological layers, in order to loot antiques and archaeological discoveries during the past three years.

The destroyed area is estimated to be 6,000 meters square.

On January 13, SOHR activists reported that members of the “National Army” removed the remainders of Tel Mirsawa hill by heavy machinery, searching for antiques.

The hill is located western to Mirsawa village and 35 kilometres north to Afrin city, near the Syrian-Turkish borders.

It is worth noting that the hill was subjected to drilling operations with heavy machineries and bulldozers, after the Turkish factions and their proxies took control over Afrin city on 2018, where the hill was completely destroyed by ongoing drilling operations in addition to destruction of surrounding agricultural lands, sources estimated the area that was destroyed was nearly 3500 meter square.

While on January 11, factions loyal to Turkey continued acts of sabotage and dredging in archaeological “Dodry” hill that is located in the Mednaky village in Sheran regions by diggers and heavy machineries in search for artefacts and relics without paying any attention to the destruction of the historical heritage of Syria for financial interests.
“Dodry” hill is located two kilometres far from west Medanky town.
The hill was named a popular heritage of the indigenous inhabitants of the region which mean in Kurdish language “a hell with two doors”. “Dodry” has not undergone to any archaeological excavation missions before the Turkish forces and their factions controlled Afrin city.
The hill experienced systematic sabotage by the National Army factions over the past three years. Acts of digging completely destroyed the hill and uprooted the perennial olive trees that covered the hill surface. The digging also reached the vicinity of the hill in the lower city. The digging covered nearly 9,000 square metres of the hillside and other areas in the lower city.

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