Crime surge in regime-held areas | Child killed by his stepmother for crying • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Crime surge in regime-held areas | Child killed by his stepmother for crying

In an alarming development, the Syrian Observatory documents 12 murders in regime-controlled areas in 15 days

Reliable sources have uncovered a new crime that took place in regime-controlled areas, specifically in Al-Suwaidda province in southern Syria.


On January 5, a woman from Hama province and living now in Al-Mazraa district of Al-Suwaidda, had killed her husband’s infant, aged five months, for his crying.

The woman took advantage of the father’s absence, and suffocated the baby, attempting to prevent it from crying, before his uncle transferred him to Al- Suwaidda hospital.

The baby’s stepmother said the child’s death was normal, but investigations by the Criminal Security Branch in Al-Suwaidda proved that the baby was killed.

The wife confessed of strangling the infant because she hated him, as well as repeatedly torturing his  two-year-old brother.


Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) has documented 12 premeditated murders since early 2022 due to family violence, and other known reasons, that left four children under the age of 18, four young women aged 18 years, and four men killed.

The death toll of victims are distributed as follows:

• A young woman in the capital, Damascus,
• A baby girl and a young man in Rif Dimashq,
• A civilian and two women from Tartous,
• An infant and a young man in Hama province,
• A young woman and a girl child and baby boy and a man in Al-Suwaydaa province.

SOHR points out that the rate of crimes is growing dramatically across Syria in recent times, especially in the regime-held areas due to the worsening living conditions in the first place, followed by crimes of revenge.

Accordingly, the Syrian Observatory renews its appeals to the international community to intervene immediately to find a political solution to end the crisis of war-weary Syrian people in a war last for nearly 11 years. SOHR also stresses the need to put an end to rampant insecurity across Syria.

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